Truck Hire

Tandem Tipper Truck

Tandem tippers are extremely versatile and compact. With its length being between 8 to 8.5m and a width of 2.5m these trucks are perfect for tight projects. A tandem tipper can cart any type of material within smaller job sites where space is limited.

If you’re looking for an efficient way to move material around your site, this compact truck is perfect.

Truck & Trailer Tipper Truck

With a large bin on each end, these tipper trucks have the ability to cart higher volumes of up to 42 tonnes. Truck and trailers are an economical option for bulk haulage and are the most commonly used truck on construction sites.

Truck & Quad Tipper Truck

With a higher payload, truck and quad tipper combos are primarily used for bulk haulage. The larger double bin set up is perfect for moving all sorts of quarry material and can be used across a range of civil, residential, government and commercial projects. 

Float Services

Whether you’re hauling landscaping material or heavy construction equipment, we’ve got the perfect truck for you! With a capacity up to 35 tonnes per load shift and experienced pilots on call who can help with oversized shifts – there’s no job too big (or small).

Float shifts are based on distance and size load. Contact us to be provided with a tailored price for your transport needs. 

Semi Side Tippers

The new side-tipping semi trailer is a much safer and more efficient way to load, supply and spread material than rear tipping. When moving large rocks, a semi is perfect for working in conjunction with Profilers or Screeners.